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Senior Portraits


2014 Bok Kai Parade

2016 California Capital Air Show

2018 Pep Rally

2018 Playoffs Sutter v Gridley

2018 Playoffs Sutter v Oroville

2019 WUHS Pirate Football

Browns Valley School Beavers Soccer Team

Butte Star Ranch Rodeo 05212017

Butte Star Ranch Rodeo 09112016

California Capital Airshow 2018


Fog Shots

Freshman v Rio Americana

Freshman v. Paradise

Freshmen Team

Freshmen v Biggs

Freshmen v Colfax

Freshmen v Colfax 2017

Freshmen v Colfax 2018

Freshmen v Corning

Freshmen v Gridley 2017

Freshmen v Lincoln

Freshmen v Mesa Verde 2017

Freshmen v Orland 2018

Freshmen v Sutter

Freshmen v Sutter 2018

Freshmen v. Lincoln 2017

Freshmen v. Oakmont

Freshmen v. Oroville 2017

Jr Pee Wees 2017

JV Scrimmages 08/19/2017

JV Team

JV v Colfax

JV v Colfax 2017

JV v Colfax 2018

JV v Gridley

JV v Gridley 2017

JV v Las Plumas

JV v Lincoln

JV v Lincoln 2017

JV v Lindhurst 2018

JV v LP 2017

JV v Marysville

JV v Marysville 2017

JV v Marysville 2018

JV v Mesa Verde

JV v Mesa Verde 2017

JV v Orland 2017

JV v Orland 2018

JV v Oroville 2017

JV v Oroville 2018

JV v Sutter

JV v Sutter 2018

JV v Winters

JV v Winters 2017

JV v Winters 2018

Lincoln HS Rode January 13 2013

Marysville Stampede 2016

Marysville Stampede 2017

May 20 2017 Wild West Buckers

May 6 2017 Wild West Buckers

Mendocino Coast

Midgets 2017

Mighty Mites 2017



Pee Wees 2017


Powder Puff 2018

Referees 2015

Referees 2016

Rodeo Photography

Roy Crabtree Track Meet

Scrimmages 08182018

Summer Slam

Summer Slam Games


Varsity Team

Varsity v Colfax

Varsity v Colfax 2017

Varsity v Colfax 2018

Varsity v Gridley 2017

Varsity v Las Plumas

Varsity v Lincoln 2017

Varsity v Lindhurst 2018

Varsity v LP

Varsity v Marysville

Varsity v Marysville 2017

Varsity v Marysville 2018

Varsity v Mesa Verde

Varsity v Mesa Verde 2017

Varsity v North Highlands

Varsity v Orland 2017

Varsity v Orland 2018

Varsity v Oroville 2018

Varsity v Sutter

Varsity v Sutter 2018

Varsity v Winters

Varsity v Winters 2017

Varsity v Winters 2018

Varsity v. Gridley 2018

Varsity v. Lincoln

Varsity v. Oroville 2017

Wedding Samples

Wild West Buckers Gymkana 09/10/2016


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